Summer Ebs

Earth Science

About Summer Ebs

As a science and math teacher, Summer Ebs is a strong believer in anchoring course material into real-world applications. “In math, if you can do the word problems,” she says, “then you really can be confident in your understanding of the topic! In science, I find ways for my students to interact as much as possible with real-world examples of the topics.”

Ms. Ebs’ areas of expertise are biology and geosciences (earth science). She has also taught math and science for the ACT; foundational, middle-school, pre-algebra, and algebra math classes; general science; and chemistry. She has been teaching high school science for 16 years, including AP Biology.

To the greatest extent possible, Ms. Ebs allows students to choose how and what they will learn, and how they will present their knowledge, with many opportunities to choose their own projects. She works hard to present material in many different ways, to accommodate different students’ learning styles.

“As a classroom science teacher,” she says, “I know I have been successful when a former student, or the parent of a former student, seeks me out to thank me for my high academic standards which allowed my students to be better prepared for their future science classes. I know I have properly prepared my students with academic knowledge of the scientific content, but also with the tools including study skills, experimental design, laboratory techniques, scientific writing, etc. that allows them to be successful in their future scientific endeavors.”

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