Carolyn Triano


About Carolyn Triano

Carolyn Triano holds a Ph.D. in Literacy Studies and teaches English Language Arts (ELA) writing and literature, English as a Second Language (ELS), math and GED preparation. Her specialties include, English, special education, study skills and literacy strategies. She has experience teaching at both the college and high school levels and works with Pearson Education grading both SAT and ACT tests.

Ms. Triano taught for eight years at the University of Phoenix Online and has experience in developing and editing curriculum. As a high school teacher, she worked with special needs students and has also taught adults with learning disabilities.

She has worked extensively on professional development, giving presentations at several conferences on study skills and being certified by the State of Nevada as a Computer Specialist.

“I am passionate about all students succeeding in whatever it is they would like to learn,” Ms. Triano says. “I love teaching and my style is evident to students who work with me. Many times, students have given up and I will not allow it. I insist that they try and most come through successfully.”

She believes that a good teacher “receives her finest education from her own students. Every student is different and I have learned to meet the needs and concerns of each one using great variety and creativity.”

As a dedicated educator, Ms. Triano devotes some of her spare time to helping youths who are in the juvenile jail system.

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